The Different types of Retro Fashion styles for women

The Different types of Retro Fashion styles for women

Like any other fashion styles, retro fashion style has different types to choose from. You need to be really careful if you love retro styles. The things that you need to consider while choosing retro style clothing is how the dressing style suits you, what is in trend and many more things? These things will help you decide which style you need to choose.

The retro style is completely different from other fashion styles wherein people are forced to follow the concepts whether or not it suits them     . Retro fashion has been popular since several decades and it is the re-invention of some popular fashion lines that people had enjoyed in the past and will always love.  This is the reason why people were excited to discover that they will get to wear their favorite fashion style again.

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Let us have a look at some retro dresses that are back again and are in demand.


This type of retro dress is ideal for peace loving people. It comprises of floral clothing, leather jackets and tunics. This look was quite popular in 1960s


Disco fever is back from 1970s and it is displayed in disco retro clothing line. This style comprises of big collars, beads, psychedelic patterns, bell bottoms, tweeds and funky colors. This style became the style statement of disco lovers.


T-shirts with the names of band on it was a huge hit earlier and is re-invented by the fashion industry. Now the name of the rock band that is popular is printed on the t-shirts. So, people where these t-shirts to show how much they love a particular rock band.


This type of retro fashion has come back from 1960s.  It is a well known for its slim and sleek designs that portrays best of slim fit ties, shirts, skirts, knitwear and scarves.

Workout clothes

As the name suggests, the clothing line comprises of sweat suits, sweaters and other comfortable clothes that people like to wear in casual moments.

T-Bird Fashion

This clothing comprise of white t shirts/ leather jackets that always bring in that rough look.



Make sure that you wear the retro fashion wisely as you may wear an outfit that doesn’t suit your body type and it will look funny. As far as retro styles are concerned you can find them in consignment stores or thrift shops and get best deals on great clothing.  If you have a budget constraint then remember, you certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for retro clothing line, when you can get them at affordable prices from thrift shops.

If you are not sure which retro clothing style or type suits you, just go through the pictures in magazines to decide which style suits you better?


The re-invention of retro fashion has not given the people from older generations to wear the fashion trend from their era, but has also helped youngsters enjoy and appreciate the fashion of older generations. All age groups can enjoy the retro fashion.